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No matter whether you need an access solution for an Office Government, university or industrial company: Dormakaba precisely maps your organisation‘ security needs, so you can resolve all your access tasks easily and reliably: even for many sites, sectors and users. Well-organised access rights The larger your enterprise the more tasks to be solved: for the more people, departments and sites your enterprise has, the more diverse requirements will be. Regardless of whether a person moves department or a business unit moves to another building, or an external service provider is working on site for a week, or a guest is to have ready access to a meeting room for a couple of hours. Dormakaba keeps all access rights easily under your control. The right access for every need Dormakaba allows you to manage and perform all tasks centrally. The particular technical solution used on your accesses is of no consequence. For you can easily map even complex door situations in the system yourself. You need not worry when new requirements come up: they simply become part of your holistic access solution.


  • Access Gates for Entrance System
  • Acces Control I/O Hardware
  • Software Access Management
  • Contacless Card