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HENSOLDT UK’s Kelvin Hughes SharpEye™ radars set the international standard in solid-state radar sensor technology. Used by commercial customers and defence agencies, SharpEye™ radars deliver class-leading performance, offering tactical and situational awareness supported by innovative radar display software – through a system fully compliant to the latest International Maritime Organisation (IMO) performance standards.

SharpEye™ provides unrivalled coverage, even in the toughest of conditions. Able to detect the smallest targets on land and at sea, and at greater ranges than conventional magnetron based radars, today more than 30 navies and coastguard agencies around the world are benefiting from this comprehensive and innovative solution.

Navigational crew are able to visualise land, air and seaborne targets – unique to SharpEye™ – thanks to low Radar Cross Section (RCS) and advanced doppler processing capabilities. Together clutter is removed giving significantly improved visibility without reducing picture quality, providing superior situational awareness at all times.

SharpEye™ also helps reduce maintenance costs through the lifecycle of the unit, as well as significantly cutting down on training requirements thanks to its simple and easy to use design. The Type Approved multifunction sensor, designed to meet MIL-STDs, can be configured to address the unique needs of those using it.